24 May 2007: from Ynetnews:
'Stop Dimona' Says Blix

3 May 2007: from an American supporter:
Wonderful - and Troubling - Experiences in Jerusalem and Israel/Palestine

30 April 2007: from the AP:
Vanunu Could End Up Back in Jail

30 April 2007: from vmjc:
The Verdict Today in the Trial Against Me

29 March 2007: from the Jerusalem Post:
Greenpeace Warns of Nuclear Mishap

27 March 2007: My Message for the 21st Year of the Sentence Against Me

23 March 2007: from the Nukewatch Quarterly:
Israel's Open (H-bomb) Secret Confirmed

A few recent articles about

12 February 2007: from Haaretz:
The Nuclear Ambiguity Route
26 January 2007: from Reuters:
IAEA Chief Says Attack on Iran would be Catastrophe
25 January 2007: from the Independent:
Israel Raises Nuclear Stakes with Iran
7 January 2007: from The Sunday Times:
Revealed: Israel Plans Nuclear Strike on Iran
25 December 2006: from AFP:
Egypt Wants End to 'Nuclear Double Standards'

Feb 2007: from
Nobel Peace Prize Nominee's Freedom of Speech Trial

4 Feb 2007: from Fredrik Heffermehl:
Ban on Reporter Lifted for Vanunu Evidence

11, 13, 19, 24 December 2006: from vmjc:
Some News and Views

12 December 2006: Olmert Declares Israel Has Nuclear Weapons!
from Haaretz:
Olmert's Nuclear Remark Spurs Damage Control Bid
from Reuters:
Olmert, in Europe, hints Israel has Nuclear Arms
from the Guardian:
Olmert's Stray Comment Fuels the Nuclear Debate
from the London Times:
Olmert's Nuclear Slip Sparks Outrage in Israel
London Times Commentary:
Olmert's Slip Comes at a Convenient Time
from the International Herald Tribune:
Nuclear Slip by Olmert Sparks Domestic Fallout
Nuclear-Armed Planet

9 December 2006: VMJC predicts correctly:
'Soon Israel Will Declare Its Nuclear Weapons'

8 December 2006: from AFP:
Israel to Keep Mum on Nuclear Weapons Capacity

8 December 2006: from Daniel Ellsberg:
Right Livelihood Award Acceptance Speech

4 December 2006: from Jerry Levin:
The Passion of Mordechai Vanunu

2 December 2006: from Jerry Levin:
Mordechai Vanunu and the Perils of Speaking English

25 November 2006: from VMJC:
Dear Supporters and Friends

23 November 2006: from Eileen Fleming:
Mordechai Receives News of Pending Arrest

5 June 2006: from vmjc and Amnesty International:
Amnesty Campaign Against Restrictions and Freedom of Expression on the Internet

2 June 2006: from
Freedom of Speech on trial in Jerusalem, 21st century style

30 May 2006: from
Amnesty: Microsoft helped Israeli Police in Vanunu probe

19 May 2006: from vmjc and the Swedish Forum for Human Rights:
Invitation to Participate

27 April 2006: from Haaretz:
Let Him Go Already

27 April 2006: from Gideon Spiro:

25 April 2006: from the Vanunu Freedom Ride:
About the Vanunu Freedom Ride

24 April 2006: from Indymedia:
Vanunu Freedom Ride in Oxford

24 April 2006: from the Guardian:
A Letter to the Editor

21 April 2006: from
Restrictions on Vanunu Extended

21 April 2006: from the Guardian:
Vanunu Hit by Further Ban on Leaving Israel

20 April 2006: from vmjc:
My Message for the London Rally

19 April 2006: from vmjc:
Restrictions Renewed for Another Year

4 April 2006: from the Guardian/UK:
If One Side in a Conflict Goes Nuclear, the Other is Bound to Follow Suit

9 March 2006: Here from BBC News is the latest about NWs cooperation by England in 1960.
Secret Sale of UK Plutonium to Israel

22 February 2006: from vmjc:
Trial in Jerusalem Court, 22 Feb 2006

13 February 2006: from Jerry Levin, CPT:
Vanunu Waiting for Judge to Decide Whether or Not to Drop Charges

12 February 2006: from the Nuclear Resister:
Vanunu Update

11 February 2006: from Jerry Levin, CPT:
Déjà Vu All Over Again for Mordechai Vanunu