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from The Nuclear Resister, Feb 12 2006

Trial of the nuclear whistleblower on multiple counts of talking to foreigners in violation of his post-release restrictions began January 25 in Jerusalem.

The date was originally set for January 15, but presumably was switched to coincide with the Palestinian elections. It was not the first time Israel took decisive action against the internationally honored Vanunu behind the cover of newsworthy events in Palestine. Consequently, no foreign media attended court.

A second session was held on February 9, and the third is scheduled for February 22.

In other legal news, in late November Vanunu lost a libel suit against a newspaper that claimed he taught imprisoned Palestinian militants how to make bombs (despite a prison official stating that he lacked contact with Palestinian prisoners, making the story impossible). He was ordered to pay costs of 36,000 shekels (more than $7,500).

Then on January 12, the High Court of Justice again affirmed the restrictions on his travel and contacts with only minor revision.

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