Dec 24
Also about Korea.
Korea (South and North) paid for its entering to Nuclear technology by keeping Korea divided for another 20 years, and maybe more years. That is a very heavy price for developing NWs.

The same is going to be true with many states here in the ME.
The Nuclear super powers are imposing on them to pay the price, by forcing them to accept the political situations that the US and England are demanding.

Again about Nuclear technology: I am supporting the science, the nuclear science that is the gate to the modern age of computers, satellites, and media communications. Without nuclear science, those states will continue to be dependent on US, England, and EU.
So the 21 century is about total freedom and independence, also by developing science, technology.

Dec 19
here is some news.

The police questioned me today, at 9:00 Dec 19th.
40 minutes in his car here in east Jerusalem.
He wants to know why I am not reporting my addresses.

I have moved to St Thomas, a small guest house very close to St George.
It is very small, without phones or TVs, with only a few nuns.
St Thomas should not be used as my post address.
My address is at PO Box 20102.
I just want people to know where I am staying.
So that is the news.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

Dec 13
Here are some things for you to consider.
The main news yesterday in Israel was that the Arab states - the whole Middle East region, plus Palestine,
need to move from the Stone Age - bombs, AlQaeda, Hamas, Hizbula, -
to the new 21st century age of Nuclear Technology.

This is the real frontier that Middle East people have neglected.
First India and Pakistan realised this idea in 1990s, and they have conducted NWs tests to tell others that Nuclear technology is Atomic weapons, weapons that the state of Israel used for stopping any other state from entering to Nuclear technology.
Next Iran also realised this new field, and they also are paying the price by raising a president who is fighting with words against Israel. This has forced Israel to accept an Islamic fundamentalism revolution for 20 years.
So the rest of the Arab states should learn from what Israel has done for a long time:
That Nuclear technology is the door to the world economy, world development, the freedom and democracy that the US and EU are selling to all the world.
The Arabs wasted 60 years with oil and oil money, and now they are still very undeveloped because the door to this Nuclear technology was closed, unknown to them.
I tried to open it for them, to open their minds, but Israel silenced me for 20 years, because they knew the real power of the modern technology.
Anyway the time has come to move on, a new century has begun for all the world,
with Nuclear Technology, and without NWs.
No to Nuclear weapons in all the world.

Dec 11
We hope a real, new policy is coming from the US now.
Otherwise, what Bush did in the last 6 years makes the US equal to many undeveloped states in the ME.
Now, I hope, more changes will come, to continue the big policies of the end of the cold war by Reagan (to regain all the world democracies and states) and Bush senior,
because it is a new century, the 21st. A new world. New realities.
England too needs to find its new place, no more being connected too much to the White House.
About censorship.
I think the Internet, computers, mobiles, SMS, nullify all the barriers the spies use for censorship. The technology killed the censorship industries in all the world. Even in my case they could not silence me.
So we need new tools also, to aim for new goals, like freedom of movement, and equal rights to all the human races.
Wishing you to see me soon walking free,