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My message for the London Rally.

from Mordechai Vanunu
20 April 2006

The Middle East is now moving towards a Nuclear weapons race, conflict, with Iran moving to do what Israel produced in the last 40 years.

I did my best 20 years ago, to prevent this situation of future Nuclear weapons war in the Middle East.

The best solution for the Middle East would be if it were free from all Nuclear weapons.
I am asking all European Governments to act, to support the end of Nuclear weapons in all of the Middle East, and also to help me to achieve my total freedom.

The only solution for the conflict here in the M E is, by Israel accepting and respecting all human beings here, Palestinians, Jews, Arabs, Muslims, Christians..

I am thanking all my friends and supporters in all the world for all the support they gave me in prison and now.

I hope the Israeli Government will respect my human rights, and let me leave.

I will be happy to celebrate soon with all my friends in London.

Best regards,

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