Hi. Here is my message for the 21st year of the sentence against me -
18 years of it in prison, from 1986,

The time has come for U.S. and Europe to inform all the people in the Middle East that Israel has all the Atomic weapons.

It is time to prepare all the states and people for the future NWs. Nuclear war.

Because Israel is not yet ready to respect all the democracy standards, Human Rights, this means Israel is moving toward a nuclear war in the future.

All this talk and the meetings are not going to bring any peace. They are just helping Israelis to cheat themselves. As long as The Wall exists, the occupation, the settlements, the refugees camps, there will never be any peace.

The Jews of Israel must wake up from their Zionism dreams, wake up from the policy of Ben Gurion and Shimon Peres who trust Atomic weapons. They make nuclear war inevitable.

So the U.S. and Europe obligation is to make it very clear and open, that the war is coming.

- vmjc
27 March 2007