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"Mordechai Vanunu is not a traitor, he is an Israeli hero.
The nuclear bomb does not protect Israel, it endangers Israel."

-Issam Makhoul, Knesset Member

13 December 2007: from Nick Eoloff:
Sign E-mail Petitions for Mordechai Vanunu

9 Dec 05: excerpted from a Haaretz article:
RE: Harold Pinter's Receiving the Nobel Prize in Literature

8 Dec 05: from Mairead Corrigan Maguire:
"Shame on the International Community for Its Silence On Mordechai Vanunu's Silencing and Imprisonment Within Israel"

29 Nov 05: from Mairead Corrigan Maguire and the Nobel Laureates:
A letter of support
Speech at 6th World Summit of Nobel Laureates
An Appeal to the Israeli Government to Allow Mordechai Vanunu to Leave Israel

18 Nov 05: from a Vanunu Friend and Supporter:
A letter to the Interior Minister RE Vanunu's Arrest of 18.11.05

6 Sep 05: from Mordechai Vanunu, Mairead Maguire, the AP:
Remembering Sir Joseph Rotblat, 1910 - 2005

8 July 2005: from Mairead Corrigan Maguire:
Hume, Trimble, Corrigan Maguire in Joint Appeal for Vanunu

13 Nobel Peace Laureates Appeal to Israeli Government to Allow Mordechai Vanunu to Leave Israel

Mar 17 2005: from the online Petition to Free Vanunu:
Comments From the Petition Signers

Dec 19 2004: from Mairead Corrigan Maguire:
Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize for Mordechai Vanunu

July 11 2004:
Let Mordechai Vanunu Go Free!

Jun 14 2004:
A Letter from the Nobel Peace Laureates

May 2004: from Pax Christi:
Resolution on Behalf of Mordechai Vanunu

Apr 21 2004: from Trident Ploughshares:
Campaigners Break Into Top UK Base as Vanunu Walks Free

Apr 19 2004: from Amnesty International:
A Call for Vanunu's Unconditional Release

Mar 9 2004: from Daniel Ellsberg:
Mordechai Vanunu's Meaning for the Nuclear Age

Feb 16 2003: from Yoko Ono:
Birthday Thoughts

Oct 11 2002: from ACDN:
Request for the Release of Mordecai Vanunu

Sep 28 2002: from Daniel Ellsberg:
A Tribute to Mordechai Vanunu

Winter 2001: from Nick and Mary Eoloff:
Visiting Our Son

Sep 27 2001: from Ha'aretz:
Rabbis from Europe and Israel ask Katsav to Pardon Vanunu

Aug 9 2001: from Rayna Moss:
Knesset Member Issues Hiroshima Day Appeal to Pardon Vanunu

Aug 6 2001: from the Atlantic Life Community:
Statement at the Israeli Embassy

2001: from Noam Chomsky:
Noam Chomsky on Vanunu

2000: from Harold Pinter and a Finnish Supporter:
'Mordechai Vanunu is a Man of Immense Courage and Dignity'

2000: from David Krieger:
'Keep Strong, My Friend'

More photos of Vanunu supporters may be found in this gallery.

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