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Comments From the Petition Signers

Here are some excerpted comments from the International Petition to Free Mordechai Vanunu, which holds nearly 4000 entries, sent from countries all over the world. These are selected from the last 100 or so signers, as of March 17 2005.

"It is clear to me that, though he is a citizen of the State of Israel, D. Vanunu is no longer welcome and is not considered a citizen. Very well. Let the man go, leave the man alone and let's get on with it."

"I have personally met and talked with Mr. Vanunu and found him to be a principled man, lover of peace and justice; concerned about the welfare of Israel and the world. Now that he is released from prison, he should be able to live as a free person!"

"For a state which says it is 'democratic' is it fair to keep him under further detention when International standard demands that even a whistleblower has a right to fair deal, eventually. How long will this be?"

"Mordechai Vanunu is a man of character. it is obvious that nothing will be gained by the continued attempt to destroy this mans life. and in fact this affair has truly placed israel and her partner the united states in a very bad position on the world stage, and has cast a tremendous shadow on real world diplomacy for the future.its time for you to take correct action and end this persecution."

"Imprisoning someone who is only speaking out against weapons of mass destruction is incomprehensible and reprehensible."

"The persecution of Vanunu is a blot on the reputation of Israel. As a Jew, I am outraged and feel unable to regard Israel highly in this issue. Shame on you."

"I most heartily urge that Mordechai Vanunu be given the respect due him and accorded all freedoms."

"Where is the justice in Israel when Vanunu continues to be persecuted after he has served his sentence?"


"Mordechai Vanunu's continuing detention is an International scandal."

"I believe what Vanunu did was right and the most worthy and noble deed! Hero is not who loves just his country, but one who cares for the betterment of the whole world. And Vanunu proved to be a Hero!"

"Mordechai Vanunu has done a great service to humanity. Let him leave Israel."

"Vanunu is a PATRIOTIC Israeli, not a traitor. Freeing Israel from nuclear weapons must be an objective for the whole israeli population, because it is in their interest. Nuclear capacities are a threat not a protection. Free Vanunu."

"Although I am considered as conservative, I was taken back by this story. I am compelled by my better nature to join in this struggle."

"israel,you can not silence the truth free dr. vanunu totally and immediately because he is the conscience of our planet and you buried him alive for 18 years"

"Enough is enough! Let the man go."

"Vanunu is a real hero, I want to see him really free without any restrictions."

"life is a dream - what a wonderful dream if Isreal would acknowledge what a hero he is"

"A remarkable man. Has served his already unjust time and now MUST be set free to catch up on all that he has missed!"

"Mordechai Vanunu is one of the thousends of men and women that fight for the peace and tolerance in the world. By denouncing the Israeli bombs, he is undermining the power of violence, internacional threaten and imperialism. It is a shame that Jewish People, that suffered under fascism, apply a abnormally cruel punishment against a pacifist."

"There is no purpose to violating the human rights of a man who only works for peace. Let Vanunu leave Israel. You obviously don't appreciate him. May God help you see the error of your ways."

"Please free Dr. Vanunu. He has served his sentence and everone knows about Israel's nuclear weapons."

"Mr. Vanunu is a true hero. I have deep respect for him and what he's been through."

"Free Vanunu and allow him to take up his post as Glasgow University Rector."

"Dr. Vanunu is a courageous prophet. His stature continues to grow and Israel's continues to diminish each time they persecute him."

"For your courage, for Israël and Palestine and the whole world, for the love of my daughter, for a possible future for her, for me, for you, for them, for us:Thank you Morchedaï !... And for Justice : Free Morchedaï Vanunu !"

"As a democracy, Israel should be an inspiration to other countries, leading the way, by showing that it is just and fair-minded. Mr. Vanunu has served his sentence and should be free to go where he chooses. Israel should not do to others, even its own, what others have done to it. Be fair and judicious and not afraid of the Truth! Let him go."

"why do you keep him locked in Israel, what does it give you?"

"I have lived downwind from nuclear installations. Radioactivity is dangerous to life. Support life, not illness & death. Free Vanunu."

"All I have to add is this: Enough."

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