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19 December 2004

I wish to nominate Mordechai Vanunu (the Israeli Nuclear Whistleblower) for the Nobel Peace Prize.

He was released from an Israeli Prison in April 2004. The Israeli Government refused to allow him to leave the country for a year. Despite his having no further secrets to reveal, he has been placed under severe restrictions which violate his human rights. He is banned from contact with foreigners, except with permission, bared from foreign embassies, meeting the foreign press and broadcast media, and from giving media interviews.

I wish to nominate him for his courage and continued commitment to working for nuclear disarmament for Israel and the world; because he cared for the safety of humanity and recognized the great threat of nuclear weapons; and because he revealed the truth about Israel's nuclear policy. He paid a high price for telling the truth, the loss of his freedom for 18 years in an Israeli prison.

His freedom is still withheld as he is unable to leave the country, as he wishes to do, and he is harassed by Israeli security, even whilst being given sanctuary in St George's Cathedral, Jerusalem.

I hope the committee will decide to award the Nobel peace prize to this most courageous and honourable man.

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