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Birthday Thoughts

by Yoko Ono
published in the February 16 2003 New York Times

We stand on this beautiful planet enjoying
the sunrise, the sunset, the change of seasons
the oceans, the mountains, the clear sky
and the lovely towns and cities we've created together

We cherish the moment of peace and quiet
We cherish the moment of having fun
We cherish every moment of warmth and love
We laugh, we heal, and we embrace

With what we've learnt and experienced
With our wisdom and the sense of unity
We protect our world from destruction
For our hearts beat in unison
Even when we fight with one another

We breathe for life
We'll survive
Remember: we are one

A big hug and kiss to each one of you
I feel privileged to share this time with you
Thank you for being in my life
at times as teachers, as angels, as friends
always as blessings, always with love
Without you, I would not be

Today is the beginning of our joyful lives
Let's dance together in our hearts
and play the game of life
In love

We breathe for life
We will survive
Remember: we are love

My respect and thanks to
Nelson Mandela
Mordechai Vannunu
Aung San Sun Kyi
Amnesty International - (International)
Not In Our Name - (United States)
All Weapons into Musical Instruments - (Japan)
and so many other inspired groups and individuals
working to make this a better world

Speak out, shed light,
and stand for peace.

(if you want it)
I love you!
yoko ono
February, 2003

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