The Agent who didn’t come back from the Cold

by Mordechai Vanunu

I am the agent who is still in the cold
An agent who is waiting for his comeback from the cold
An agent without his agency
An agent who as yet didn't finish his mission.
My mission, your mission- let the people know reveal.
uncover the truth.
Who cares about the agent
Who can hear me in this silence
Who can want to be my agent
Who wants me to come back from the cold
The last agent of the cold war
The last hostage of the secret Security Service
Those who want me to be in the cold
Those who brought me to the cold
to be left in the cold
Those who don't want me to come back from the cold
Those who are silencing me by the cold
to make me very cold
To cool me, cool my mind, cool my memory.
18-18 years, 18 agencies against me
One - against 18 years 18 agencies.
The agent of the earth
The agent of the people
The agent of the anti nuclear Holocaust
The agent of the anti nuclear proliferation
The agent of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chemovil
The agent who is not - spy- no- agent
No-traitor- no- agency

If not, not. Why am I in the cold.
The judges is the agency of 18 years
The judges is the agency of- spy, traitor
The judges who sent me put me in the cold.
Who can judge the judges
Who can send those judges to the cold. Siberia. Who can tell that I haven't betrayed the earth. Who can reveal the truth that I was, is,
The spy of all the world
On behalf of all the human beings
The spy who wants
And did for- no more Hiroshima Nagasaki
No more Chernovil
No more nuclear proliferation
No more nuclear tests
No more nuclear weapons
No more cheating deceiving lying.
But here the cold war doesn't end
But here the cold war is the solitary confinement
The war in a silent, by silent
Against the silent
The war against walls, cement, grills
The war in the cold, by the cold
The agent who helped to end the cold war
is still in the cold
Yet didn't come back from the cold.

Sent to Emma Thompson 19 February 1995