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I am continuing to work for a Middle East free of NWs [nuclear weapons], especially in Israel.
My act was very important because it was dealing with the phenomena that Israel introduced of cheating, lying, spreading NWs in secret.
My mission and target is to make all the world free from NWs, to ban NWs production and possession, in all the world, including by the super powers.
The threat of NWs lost its justification since the cold war. They were created for fighting communism, but now, against whom would they want to use NWs?
So we can demand to free all the world from all kinds of NWs.

-Mordechai Vanunu, August 2 2005

6 December 2007: from Matthew Good:
Banking on Memory Loss

20 November 2007: from the Guardian:
The Middle East Has Had a Secretive Nuclear Power in Its Midst for Years

13 Aug 2005: from Ramzy Baroud:
Israel's Nuclear Puzzle Resolved: But to What End?

3 August 2005: from the BBC:
How Britain helped Israel get the bomb

11 Dec 05: from George Bisharat:
Should Israel Give Up Its Nukes?

18 Oct 2005: from the Guardian:
Are We Going to War with Iran?

28 Sep 05: from the New York Times:
Israel Dismisses Arab Complaint About Atom Arsenal

21 Sep 05: from the Australian:
Israel: Tehran Six Months Away from Nuclear Capability

Apr 3 2005: from Ha'aretz:
U.S. Says Israel Must Give Up Nukes

Mar 13 2005: from the Times/UK:
Revealed: Israel Plans Strike on Iranian Nuclear Plant

Mar 2 2005: from
Attacking Iran: I Know it Sounds Crazy, But...

Jan 24 2005: from Ha'aretz:
[Mossad]: Egypt, Syria have Nuclear Programs, as well as Iran

Jan 11 2005: from Defense News:
Israeli Official Urges Space-Based Weapons

19 Dec 04: from Ha'aretz:
Nobel Laureate Compares Israeli Nuclear Arms to Gas Chambers

6 Dec 04: from Ha'aretz:
Vanunu: Israeli Nukes Push Neighbor States to Get Atomic Arms

29 Jul 04: from Reuters:
Israel's Sharon Ties Disarming WMDs to Mideast Peace

09 Jul 04: from the BBC:
'Hope' for a Nuclear-Free Middle East

07 Jul 04: from Ha'aretz:
El Baradei to Raise Idea of Nuclear-Free Middle East

07 Jul 04: from the Telegraph:
Israel Stands Firm Over Its Nuclear Secrets

03 Jun 04: from the World Tribune:
IAEA To Press for Inspections of Israel's Nuclear Facility

9 Feb 04: from the Australian:
Secret Weapons Info 'on Internet'

19 Jan 04: from the St. Petersburg Times:
Critics Wants Israel to Admit, Abolish Its Nuclear Program

9 Jan 04: from the IPS:
Nuclear Spotlight Shifts from Libya to Israel

9 Jan 04: from Yedioth Ahronoth:
Atomic Problem

22 Dec 03: from the Guardian:
If Libya Can Do It, Why Not Israel?

13 Dec 03: from the Washington Times:
UN Nuclear Watchdog Urges Israel to Jettison Any Weapons

12 Dec 03: from Al-Jazeera:
Israel Urged to Abandon N-Arms

27 Nov 03: from Al-Ahram Weekly:
Hush, Hush About Israel's Bomb

11 Nov 03: from Reuters:
Leaks and Peeks Key to Israel's Nuclear Ambiguity

Aug 29 2003: from the World Tribune:
IAEA Conference to Discuss Israeli Nukes for the First Time

April 21 2003: from
MSNBC Reveals Facts on Israel's Weapons of Mass Destruction

July 26 2002: from
Constructive Dissent (Slouching Toward Apocalypse)

June 15 2002: from the Washington Post:
Israel Has Sub-Based Atomic Arms Capability

December 26 2001: from the Telegraph:
Israel Reveals Secrets of How It Gained Bomb

November 23 2001: from the Globe:
Lifting the Veil on How Israelis Got the A-Bomb

Mar 14 2000: Ha'aretz:
A President's Promise: Israel Can Keep Its Nukes

Feb 3 2000: From Ha'aretz and AP:
Knesset Explodes in First Nuclear Debate

Feb 3 2000: From Yediot Ahronot:
The Atom on the Knesset Agenda

Feb 2 2000: From the Israeli Committee to Free Vanunu:
The Speech by Knesset Member Issam Makhoul

Nov 25 1999: from Yediot Ahronoth:
The death of the ambiguity


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