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About my case now, I served the full sentence, even if it was an injustice.
I am demanding my total freedom, that could be only by leaving Israel for the free world.
Israel continues to punish me. They arrested me, I am under restrictions, not to leave, not to speak freely.
I am demanding my freedom of speech, freedom of movement.
There is no justice by Israel democracy system.
I am calling to US media to report, to interview, for my human rights, freedom, and for telling the truth about NWs in Israel. I am staying in East Jerusalem under occupation, among Christians and Palestinians.
I like to meet friends, supporters, talk about my case, every one is very welcome.
My future plan is to continue to do for peace, and abolition of NWs.


11 Jan 2008: from Riverbank News:
Mordechai Vanunu

8 Jan 2008: from The Guardian:
Trumped-up Charge

1 Jan 2008: from Eileen Fleming:
Christmas in Jerusalem 2007 for 21st Century Jeremiah: Mordechai Vanunu

11 December 2007: from Eileen Fleming:
When Governments Substitute Paranoia for Law

1 April 2006: from
Mordechai Vanunu: On Trial for Freedom of Speech in the Democracy of Israel

24 March 2006: The March 2006 video interview "30 Minutes with Vanunu" is freely streaming at

28 Nov 2005: from Reuters:
Vanunu Loses Libel Suit Against Israeli Newspaper

24 Nov 05:
Here is the link to video of my views about the last arrest.,7340,L-3171629,00.html

21 Nov 2005: about my most recent arrest
Nov 18 Arrest

17 Oct 2005: from the World Peace Forum:
Vanunu Invited to Speak at World Peace Forum 2006

12 Oct 2005: from Gideon Spiro:
What is the State of the Nobel Peace Prize?

4 Sep 05: from Radio Islam of Chicago:
hear the interview with Mordechai Vanunu -
scroll down to Sep 24 2005 'listen' link

24 Aug 2005: from WING TV:
Mordechai Vanunu's Heroic Defiance
Interview with Mordechai Vanunu (25:24 mins)
Vanunu Photo Gallery Slideshow (4:56 mins)

16 August 2005: from the European American Hour:

One-hour Interview with Vanunu to be aired Wednesday Aug 17 2005 on the Reality Radio Network

15 August 2005: from
A video interview with Vanunu (5:48

May 29 2005: from the Times Online:
Judge Rejects Vanunu Charges

May 23 2005:
Court Dismisses Sections of Indictment Against Vanunu

Apr 12 2005:
Restrictions Renewed for Another Year

Apr 12 2005: from Reuters:
Israel's Vanunu Tried for Breaking Restrictions

Mar 20 2005: from the Sunday Times:
Vanunu Defiant as Israel Brings New Charges

Nov 12 2004: from the International Campaign:
Vanunu Re-Arrested by Dozens of Armed Police;
Later Released to House Arrest

Jul 26 2004: from the Associated Press:
Israel Court Upholds Vanunu Restrictions

Jul 11 2004: from Fredrik Heffermehl:
Court Notes July 11 2004 Vanunu Trial

Jun 3 2004: from Ha'aretz:
Nuke Whistleblower Vanunu Appeals to Leave Israel

May 24 2004: from Ha'aretz:
Vanunu in Court for Libel Suit Hearing

Apr 21 2004: from the US Campaign:
'I Am Mordechai Vanunu. I Am Proud and Happy to Do What I Did'
Photo Gallery from Apr 21 2004

Apr 18 2004: from the Independent:
Vanunu Released to Life of 'Internal Exile'

Feb 16 2003: from the Israeli Committee for Vanunu:
Vanunu Denied Parole By Court - Must Serve Entire Sentence
Text of Parole Committee Decision

Dec 1 2002: from the London Sunday Times:
Secret Agents Stop Parole for Vanunu

Jul 25 2002: from the Associated Press:
Nuclear whistle-blower Vanunu loses fight to see British lawyers

May 13 2002: from the Associated Press:
Israeli Nuclear Whistleblower in Court

Mar 18 2001: from the London Sunday Times:
Vanunu Parole Hopes Dashed

Sep 8 2000: from Ha'aretz:
Vanunu Sues Yedioth Ahronoth for Libel

June 18 2000: from the Israeli Committee for Vanunu:
Ethics Court Convicts Yedioth Journalist for Vanunu Smear

Nov 24 1999: from Yediot Ahronoth:
The Vanunu Affair: The Silence Ends

Sep 6 1999: from Ha'aretz:
American Organization Lobbying Senate for Vanunu's Release

from the fall 1999 US Campaign Newsletter:
Sen. Paul Wellstone Asks President to Intercede

June 1999: from the Right Livelihood Campaign meeting in Austria:
Alternative Nobel Laureates Seek Mordechai's Release
Vanunu's Statement: 'I Have No Regrets'

from the summer 1999 US Campaign Newsletter:
Thirty-Six House Members Ask Clinton to Intercede with Israel for Vanunu
Rep Lynn Rivers: 'He Has Suffered Long Enough'
Rep Bruce Vento: 'Time to Right the Scales of Justice'
President Clinton: 'We Share Your Concerns'

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