December 2010

Professional Goals

My goal is to work in a university environment and become an active participant, in academic life. I would like to contribute in the field of education my experiences as Israel's nuclear whistleblower and my views on the need for the abolition of nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

I wish to continue my studies in international peace and conflict studies, teach and do research on the precipitating factors and real reasons behind war in the last two centuries.

Since my release from prison in Israel (April 2004) after serving an 18 year sentence on a conviction of treason and espionage as a whistleblower, I have been denied basic freedoms by restrictions imposed on me by the Israeli authorities, including a ban on traveling outside Israel or associating with foreigners. I am currently appealing these restrictions as a prisoner of conscience and seeking political asylum in a number of countries.

Personal Background

1954 Born to a religious Jewish family in Marrakech, Morocco

1963 Immigrated to Israel with my family

1971-1974 Service in the Israeli Army, West Bank, First Sergeant

1975-1985 University student (while working in Dimona Nuclear factory,)

1980-july-oct' traveled all Europe by Train.

Jan -May 1986 Travels in the Far East and Australia August

1986 Baptized in St.John's Anglican Church, Sydney, Australia

October 1986-April 2004 Served prison term of 18 years at Ashkelon prison as Israel's nuclear whistleblower, convicted as traitor and spy

April 21, 2004-2006 Living at St.George's Anglican cathedral and severely limited by Israeli government restrictions on freedom of association, travel and communication

Apr' 21/2006-Dec'19/2007,Left St George.and lived in Shech jarah,for one year,3 more year in very old cheap Hotel Metropole,until jun'/2007-May 2010.

Sep' 1/2010 moved to TelAviv Until Now.


1976-76 Tel Aviv University One year in pre-engineering courses, one year studying physics

1979-1984 Ben Gurion University, Beersheba Bachelor of Arts Degree in Geography and Philosophy

1985 Beersheba University, completed first year of Masters of Philosophy program

2001 Awarded Honorary Doctorate, Tromso University, Norway


1976-1985 Nuclear Research Centre, Dimona, Israel
Nuclear Technician, Control Room in the process of separating plutonium from uranium and the production of other nuclear materials including tritium, lithium, heavy water and nuclear waste.

My Activism against Israeli nuclear program and proliferation of nuclear weapons of mass destruction

Sept 1986 Debriefed by the Sunday Times and by scientists on my knowledge about Dimona nuclear weapons production

Sept 30/ 1986 Kidnapped.
Illegally kidnapped by Israeli Secret Services who lured me from London to Rome where I was drugged, abducted and taken to Israel.

October-05/1986 Sunday Times published story with photographs of Dimona under title: "Revealed: The Secrets of Israel's Nuclear Arsenal"

Dec-22/1986 I flashed message to the international press on the palm of my hand "I was hijacked in Rome 30.9.86"

January 1987 Italy opened investigation into kidnapping

August-30/ 1987 In camera trial began in Jerusalem District court

March 24/,27/1988 Convicted of treason, espionage and revealing state secrets, sentenced to 18 years imprisonment

May-27/ 1990 Appeal against conviction and sentence rejected by Israel's Supreme Court

August 1991 Jerusalem District Court and Supreme Court rejected appeals to end solitary confinement

May 1994 Amnesty International called for my immediate release

Dec 24, 1994 3000th day in solitary confinement

March 12, 1998 Released from solitary confinement after 11 1/2 years

April 1988 Former US President Jimmy Carter added his name to the appeal by writing to President Weizmann asking him to grant me clemency.

April 1999 President Clinton sent letter to 36 members of Congress, and writes that he is "concerned" about my case and about the Israeli nuclear program.

May 2000 I had a dispute with prison authorities because they said I went missing for nearly one hour. I had been sitting in the sun. The authorities demanded that I report my whereabouts 4 times per hour. I refused and as a result I was placed back into solitary confinement and kept there for four months.

April -21/2004 Released from prison but not free as limited by restrictions including a ban on travel outside Israel.

1989-2010. Nobel Peace Prize nominee

Arrested Since 2004-2010

Nov 11/2004.First arrest (after release from 18 years prison), 12 hours in police questions,

Dec' 24/2004,second arrest in the way to Beth Lehem ,christmas eve.

Nov' 24/2005,Arrested for 48 hours,---for crossing Aram Check point,

July 2007, arrested near the wall of Abu Dis,

Nov' 27 2007, arrested in Noter Dam for meeting British group.

Sep 2008 arrested near the wall of Anata refugee camp.

Dec'25'2007, Arrested in American Colony restaurant for meeting German woman.

Dec' 28/2009 arrested in Ambassador Hotel for meeting My Norwegian girl friend,

Trial for meeting Foreigners,

Apr'13-2005,Trial opened in Jerusalem,

Jan' 24/2006 trial continue,

Apr' 30/2007 ,Trial ended Guilty for speaking to foreign media.

Jul' 7 /2007,sentenced 6 months prison.

Sep' 23/2008,court reduce sentence to 3 months prison,

Dec' 14/2009.End of the trial 3 months prison.

May' 23-Aug'8/2010,served prison sentence,in abalone prison,in Isolation.

Court hearing against the Restrictions,July/2004.aug'2005,july/2006.july/2009,Oct'/2010,in all hearing the court rejected my appeal and keep the restrictions.

Awards Received

Dec' 12/2010.Von Ossietzky award for human rights,in Berlin.

October 2004 Yoko Ono Peace Award

September 2002 Francisca Mateos Foundation annual prize in recognition of study for world peace

April 2002 Nuclear Free Future Resistance Award, (Germany)

May 2002 Sam Day Memorial Peace Maker Award

May 2001 Awarded honorary doctorate by Tromso University, Norway

December 2000 Elected Humanist of the Year 2000 by the Church of Humanism

Autumn 2000 International Peace Bureau elected me as Vice President of the Organization

July 1998 First Episcopal Church award for courageous and conscientious witness for peace and justice, Philadelphia.

March 1998 Veterans Against Nuclear Arms (VANA) unanimously awarded honorary membership (Canada)

October 1994 International Peace Bureau -Sean McBride Peace Prize, Barcelona

February 1988 Danish Peace Foundation Award

December 1987 Right Livelihood Award, Sweden

- Vanunu Mordechai, John Crossman,

Kidnapped from Rome by Israeli secret agents Sept. 30, 1986. Served 18 years in prison for revealing Israel's Dimona nuclear weapons secrets. since release on April 21,2004.

Waiting to be totally free to start my life some where in the free world.