Message for CND in London and for Hiroshima day 2008.

My message to CND is the same, nothing has changed since the first year of this case in 1986.

So the message is,
We are now in 2008, in the 21st century, and the world has been totally changed since my revelation on Israel's NWs proliferation in secret. Also it was a report about the super power states behind all these NWs proliferation during the cold war - without the super powers England, France, US, Canada, Norway and others in Europe, Israel and other states could not be able to produce, test and spread Atomic weapons to many states.

Also my revelations exposed a secret plan to produce Atomic weapons by many many states in secret, in EU, in Asia, South America, and Africa.
All this means while the big movement of CND in all EU, with England CND leading it, was running, in fact the reality in the world was the opposite: atomic weapons were a secret plan in all the world to spread and to bring a NWs World War 3.

So the highlight of that important act of revealing Israel Atomic weapons in secret in 1986, was to expose the conspiracy against all the world's people, to build, spread, and use atomic weapons.

Now the cold war has ended, the spy games conspiracies collapsed. The world moved to start abolition, destroying NWs, and to really act against atomic weapons proliferation.

The result is many states gave up their Atomic weapons, arsenals. Many states closed their secret programmes to build atomic weapons, like South Africa, Belarus, Ukraine, North Korea, Iraq, Iran. Only Israel is still left with all its atomic weapons. We are still waiting for this state to report to the world what they are doing in secret and what is the Israel policy, with atomic weapons or without Atomic weapons. What Israel wants for itself the ME states also want.

My message: The people of the 21st century have more accurate information. The Internet, the computers, the Digital age, the satellites, crossing all barriers, uniting all the people, and making them see that the real enemies are the weapons, NWs. We are more able to force all the super powers, and UN, to accomplish the wish of people of all the world, that is to Ban, abolish all Atomic weapons. On this earth.Atomic weapons have no future use, and no future enemies to fight, They are still endangering the human race on this Globe.

We are calling on the UN to Ban atomic weapons as They Ban Mines and Cluster Bombs, and to force any state who have them to destroy their atomic weapons.
That is the target of CND for the 21st century. Nothing changed.

See you very soon in CND house in London.