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Hi Everybody,

April 21st has arrived and the second year since of my release has ended. The news now is that the Israeli Government has issued a third year order of restrictions. These are the same restrictions not to leave the country for a third year.

Other news is that I decided to leave St. George and move to a rent house in East Jerusalem among Palestinians, after two years in St. George.

For the third anniversary of my release, I have a small number of visitors coming to Israel, Mairead Maguire and her two friends from Ireland, Nick Eoloff and John and Jeanne Alberts from New York. We are meeting and discussing what we can do to help me receive my full freedom.

The next event will be May 1, the trial against me. We will hear the judge's decision on how he wants to proceed with the trial.

I am sending my appreciation to all my friends and supporters. Please keep following my case and continue your hope of seeing me completely free, soon.

Best regards,


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