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Trial in Jerusalem court, 22 Feb 2006
corrected 23 Feb 2006

Today the trial continued at 13:00, in the same court in Jerusalem. Mr. Feldman could not come to the hearing so there was only Mr. Michael Sfard as my lawyer.

A few supporters were with me in the court. Jerry Levin was there, plus three from Norway and one from Belgium. No press or any media people.

First, the judge, Mr. Yoel Zur, already this week gave a decision that the court will not accept all the evidence from the Internet and from 'Internet Chats' taken without any authority from my computer by the police.

Sfard cross-examined the police man Peterburg, who interrogated me months ago in the police offices, about his methods. He especially asked about going through my computers to see my emails and chats, and going to court to ask for my arrest, and to search my room.

Sfard proved to the court that, according to the police documents, they asked Microsoft to give them details of my Hotmail account, my passwords, and the IP address.

All this was after the police went to the court , asking the judge the right to go to my emails. Microsoft obeyed these orders and gave them all the details, but not the Passwords. This took place on Aug. 12th 2004. Three months before arresting me and taking my computers.

Sfard pointed out that it is strange to ask Microsoft to give this information if they don't have the court's order to listen to my private conversations. It means they wanted to go through my emails in secret, or maybe by the help of the secret services, the Shaback, Mossad, not as the police stated, by Peterburg, that he did go to my email account and all his material came only from my computer.

More important revelation was, that the police each time went to the court claiming that I am being suspected with spying activity. Not just not following the restrictions.

So Mr. Sfard wanted the policeman to tell the court what kind of espionage was I involved with. The policeman did not have any answers and said that he brought all the evidence to the court. When Sfard asked Peterburg again about any material related to the 'espionage' Peterburg had no answers.

It was also revealed that the State came to the court with two special secret Government orders, - Hisaion* - which allow the prosecution to keep documents related to the court hearing secret! One by the Minister for Interior Security and one by Minister of Defense. What is this about? We don't know. One thing is the secret cooperation, work between the police and Shaback, Mossad.

So Sfard proved that the police had misled the judges who gave orders to arrest me, to search my room, to go through my email, confiscate my computers (for almost a year), and also misled Microsoft to believe they are helping in the case of espionage. Otherwise Microsoft would not have cooperated with such orders.

More important revelation was, the police each time went to the court claiming that I am suspected in spying activity, not just not following the restrictions. So Sfard wanted the police to tell the court what kind of spying was I involved in. The policeman did not have any answers. He said it is all the materials they brought to the court. But he asked him, where is the spying? He had no answers.

It was also important to learn that they have two Gov ministers’ orders to keep secret documents (Hisaion*). About what? We don't know. One thing is the secret cooperation, work between the police and Shaback, Mossad.

All this case, with interrogations, arrests, confiscations of private properties and more, has been done from the start under the false and misleading statements to the courts of 'suspicion of espionage', and yet they are not charging me with spy crimes.

(All these issues should have been raised in the early testimony of the policeman by Feldman.)

The judge also asked questions. He wanted to know what the police said to the judges when they asked for all these orders, how the proceedings were conducted then.

Peterburg most of the time said he did not remember. It looked like he did not want to answer a lot of questions.

The prosecutor wants the court to have the tapes, where they videotaped me in secret when I was interrogated by the police in their offices.

The court decided to give until May 1st for each side to write their arguments for and against "No case to answer".

That was it for today.

Please, if anyone could suggest names of prominent people who could testify on the subject of freedom of expression, hopefully they could come to testify or write on the matter, etc. Any ideas or help in this matter, my right to freedom of speech, and the fact that I have not committed any crimes, would be very welcome.

Thank You.

*Hisaion - that word means, a document or information that is under the government's order to be kept confidential, secret, from the court, or the defender,or the lawyers.

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