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'Was I Useful to Them?'

"Do you disagree that I was useful to Israel and that Prime Minister Peres preferred me to speak at an early stage when Israeli authorities knew of my plans and could have stopped me?"

What was it that moved you to ask such a thing now, 20 years later? We already heard and read about all this 20 years ago.

At that time Israel tried to play like real super spies, especially after they succeeded with the kidnapping in Rome.
They believe or play like they are masters of all this case, and they let it happen, and they kidnapped me to continue the game.
But now, why they are continuing to play with all the restrictions? Maybe they are so pleased with themselves that they want to continue to use me, in their games with Palestinians too.

Next, about England: they too were in big trouble with my case. Those masters behind all the NWs proliferation during the cold war needed to explain how such a case could have happened, how they let a man go do what he wanted in a NWs factory. So they also were supporting Israel, and helping to spread the idea that I have been used, and for that reason they rewarded Israel with the Nobel award to Peres and to Rotblat, at the same time Israel was treating me as a criminal. It was to prove I was only a puppet in their hands, not a man whose act was based on conscience.

Now they want Norway to help them end this game, by helping me to go. Next, about the U.S., who also were involved:
first they agreed to let the case go, let Vanunu publish his info (Here we can say, no matter what I want and try to do, I am still dependent totally on the media to ‘publish my info', and that was the spies control. They say ‘we allowed it to go,’ but I think in spite of their total control of all the media, in this case the media could not ignore such a story from inside Dimona, and they were ready to publish it. No one could have stopped the media, not even with the spies trying to bring big news of terror attacks in Turkey and Paris in Sept. 1986.)

So the U.S. wanted it to go but without letting the people know. They want the British to do it for them, yet they did not realise the power of the story that brought the collapse of the cold war, a huge spies game that later was demonstrated by 9/11. They did not predict the Macon 2 building collapse and the twin towers collapse.

But now, who needs all this again? Neither the British spies, the real BBC world news, nor the secret world government were able to end this case a long time ago. They had many secret scenarios about how it is going to be ended. They with Israel wanted to let the world see how this Vanunu behaves in freedom, what kind of corrupted man he is, and how Vanunu is a puppet, or can be manipulated.

But all this did not work. I am still very strong and defying them. They need Norway and Fredrick to help them to play, to SOLVE THE PROBLEM. EVEN SUCH AN END BY NORWAY GOVERNMENT COULD BE USED TO PROVE THAT EVERY THING IS CONTROLLED BY SPIES.

So I am here, wanting to leave, to be free, and to let the world see the man who proves that spies are stupid exactly like all the politicians.

Wishing for you to see me alive and free for many years,
30 January 2006

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