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A Reply to Aftenposten of Norway

About the NRK TV program special, aired today.

It is good they make this TV program.

I hope the TV program will encourage the Government to decide to act on my freedom, very soon, because soon I am having a trial about my interviews with foreign Media.

Also the time has come for Norway to take a real act on my behalf after so long time, 19 years in prison, since my revelation about NWs in Israel.

Today the TV program is about How Norway in Fact Knew exactly what they were doing, that the Norway Government in the 50's was helping Israel to produce and build Atomic weapons, a large number, by the large amount of "Heavy Water" that Israel bought from Norway.

But this program airs a new Idea, that maybe Norway itself was thinking of having a secret future program to build also NWs for Norway, as part of the cold war NWs proliferation by England and France.

So it is very good to bring all these News from the past, secret documents.

That can help in the war against NWs proliferation in Iran and especially to put pressure on Israel to open its NWs factory for international inspections.

We need this help by all those states who helped Israel in the past. Now they can help us to go in the new direction of abolition NWs in the ME,especially in Israel.

Very good that Norway would lead this direction first by The Nobel award to El Baradei, and now more secrets are coming, revealing from Norway archives, next from more states.

One important state that needs to reveal its secret cooperation with Israel is South Africa, about NWs test and productions in 1970's. That would be real help by South Africa, to end here in Israel another Apartheid regime with atomic weapons.

So I hope more states will follow this program. States like France, Belgium, Italy, Sweden,even Australia. All of them were helping NWs production in Israel.

The good news in this TV program is that even though Norway had all the ability and technology to produce atomic weapons during the cold war, in fact Norway decided not to follow this direction of atomic weapons. We saw how much worse and more dangerous it was what Israel did, with all the huge numbers - 200 - of atomic weapons, and the production of Hydrogen bombs.

I hope soon I can come to Norway and do more on this subject, revealing the Truth and ending NWs all over the world.


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