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Toward A World Without Armies

Dear Friends,

My view of the world reality since the end of the cold war is, that the age of wars is over. That is, the end of any world wars, or big conflicts.

This was written in 1989 and in the 1990s, including in an article called "The End of History" by Francis Fokuyama. That was the conclusion of many world scholars and experts. And if we did have war in Iraq or a few terror attacks, it is still true to say that we are living in the age of no more wars.

So my idea is we should move to the next step, the next goal of the 21st century, that is, a world without Army. The armies now in all states have lost their justifications. They have no roles. It is more important to have no Enemies.

After thousands of years we the human race have reached the stage of no enemies to any society or any state.

All the people of the human race are connected very fast, immediately, in real time, by all the modern digital equipment.

The only enemy left, or the real enemy, is Armies, with all their military industry, and spies organizations behind them,who want to find jobs and engagements for the Armies, including by fighting civilians like in Palestine, in Iraq, or even in US airports, or in the streets.

So we should be pioneers in this new world of peace. A world without wars.

It can succeed only if we have also states without Armies. My name for it is "Toward a World Without Armies." WWA.

All the best.

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