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On 9-11

On 11/2/05, J.Ginn wrote:

Dear Mordechai,
We are very impressed with all you have been doing and saying, including the recent interview with Tillail, so hoped you might consider mentioning the questionable nature of 9/11 official account as well (since that is being used to justify war on Arab countries).

Nov 2 2005

Dear Jay,

Thank you for writing.

I think there was a lot of writing on 9/11, including the Michael Moore movie Fahrenheit 9-11.

My writing deals with spies' conspiracy in a very wide scale.

So, in my view, the first step should be a real true investigation of the Kennedy assassination. The time has come for the Congress to make justice now after 40 years. Every one knows the truth, that it was a conspiracy, and he was killed by other killers.

That at least should be investigated to give a true verdict, to end the secret lies, at least to say he was murdered by secret spies.

That could be the beginning of making justice, telling the truth, reporting the truth.

Next we can find many more cases up to 9/11. Include the truth about Pearl Harbor, and Hiroshima/Nagaski, that it was not real urgent to use the Atomic bombs, which later brought all the cold war, and Nuclear proliferation.

Now the new century began with 9/11, because they needed a new cold war, new nuclear race proliferation. So 9/11 was planned, created for this goal, and served those spies who want war in the ME. It served Israel's government, who don't want peace, and helped justify the Apartheid Wall.

All was already published about 9/11.

We need now to see how it was used, and continues to be used for this target, a new cold war, new enemies, and keeping NWs, in Israel and in the U.S. and in the world.

Our goal is to reveal this truth and stop the new cold war, and stop the Military power and conspiracies, who want wars, need wars, need enemies to survive to keep their power and huge budget.

That huge Defence budget is behind all the conspiracies.

best wishes,

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