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Statement of the Atlantic Life Community at the Israeli Embassy

Washington D.C., August 6, 2001

We are Jews and Christians and people of faith dedicated to making peace at no cost to human lives. We reject the killing the Israeli state calls for in the name of God. We deplore the displacement of peoples, the demolition of homes and the bulldozing of farms. Violence never ever ends violence - it simply builds the foundation for a cycle of revenge, hatred and continued killing. The only way to peace and justice is through peaceful means and just measures.

We want an end to the occupation, an end to an arms build-up that threatens nuclear annihilation. No more holocausts, no more genocide.

We come from a people who have experienced discrimination, racism, oppression, pogroms, unjust seizures, expulsions, diaspora and the Nazi attempts at the final solution. We have special noses to smell the stench of current Israeli government policies, eyes to see the horrors, and ears to hear the oppressed cry out...

We are the people whose holiness code commands us to love the sojourner, for we were sojourners in the land of Egypt...

We call upon the Israeli government to halt the occupation. We denounce the threat of a nuclear holocaust by a nuclear global gas oven. We hold up and honor Mordechai Vanunu as a true prophet of Israel."

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