July 1,2018.After 14 years in East Jerusalem,Moved to Jaffa, waiting for Freedom From Jaffa.


May 2018 Let Vanunu go Now!,free vanunu from israel 1986-2018 ,after Trump cancel Iran deal and North Korea peace talk ,there is no more any Nuclear secrets, the end of all Nuclear secrets since 1986, when I exposed israel Nuclear secrets,Now is the Time to end this case,Free Vanunu Now!.

6 May 2018 I have re-released old videos on YouTube.
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28 DECEMBER 2017 Life continue .waiting for my freedom to travel, now after 32 years with all the restrictions.nothing changes, nothing to report, nothing to post.
see you in 2018 very soon.


06 NOVEMBER 2017 In the israel supreme court they come back repeating the same BS, they did not review any thing, they didn't change any thing,they repeat the same mantra to their supreme court judges, and blaming me for not following their stupid, barbaric order,after 32 years I am not yet free to leave this country, to go to join my wife in Oslo. They love to see me suffering here.But they must end this case, soon or later. The ISRAEL ATOMIC SECRETS has gone for ever, This is Irreversible,for ever.NO MATTER WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO ME,Freedom must come.!

OCT 18 -By AFP, October 1, 2017 The Foreign Ministry said on Sunday itís reviewing the travel ban imposed on Israeli nuclear secret-spiller Mordechai Vanunu after Norway granted him permission to immigrate so he can be united with his wife. Israel will continue to review updates of the situation in order to determine appropriate restrictions in accordance with security dangers posed by Vanunu,Ē a statement said. Now I am waiting for their decisions, next news--when ever it come.


05.Oct.1986 Sunday Times Article ,Today, 05.Oct.2017 31 YEARS later ,IT IS TIME TO LET ME GO,When can I leave Israel ?Now that the Norwegian Government decided to grant me the right to reunite with my wife, Kristin, in Norway,(Sep' 29 2017) .The question is when will the Government of Israel will allow me finally to have my complete freedom, so I can start my new life in Norway. Isn't it time after 31 years to allow me to do this? I made it very clear to the Israeli authorities that my future and my freedom will be only outside of Israel and with my wife in Norway ! Norway is my New country, my new citizenship ,and I would like this to become a reality not just a declaration. So we are waiting for the Israeli answer. Time to close my case here in Israel and let me go. The End of this Story......Welcome to Norway!

sep 30 2017 History today.31 years ago this story started ,the Mossad with Nuclear weapons cartel spy, Kidnapped me today,sep',30, 1986 ,from Rome,Italy,to silence the case of Nuclear proliferation to israel and to other states,and since 1986,the world had been changed,the cold war ended,but still israel with Nuclear weapons cartel don't want,or don't know how to end this case and to let Vanunu go to his private life, There is no more any secrets,and there is no future for atomic weapons ,the cold war ended,and no one going to use Atomic weapons,.Freedom for Vanunu Now,let Vanunu go ....!.

sep 21 2017 "World leaders line up to sign nuclear ban treaty".Very slowly but steadily, the World moving to the inevitable decision to Ban Nuclear Weapons in all the world .include in israel soon or later.there is no future for Atomic weapons . Peace is possible only when the world is free from all Atomic weapons. World Leaders Line Up To Sign Nuclear Ban Treaty

sep 2 2017 31 years ago this month, this story started,giving all my inf' and photos about Dimona israel nuclear secrete center.and now after 31 yeasr the israel security people claiming I still have more secrets, who can believe such stupid spies idea,there is no more any secrets,all the world now know very well all israel Atomic weapons secrets.they are cheating their own people and their own judges,But I survive all this 31 years cruelty.and will survive until they will let me leave,to start my life, far away from israel. Here I am waiting out side the educational Bookshop in Salah Adin St' ,East Jerusalem.Freedom must come.End this case now !1986-2017.!

Aug' 6.2017.Hiroshima Day.and Vanunu Not allowed to meet Foreigners.and not to visit Hiroshima.31 years continue to silence me.and silencing israel Atomic weapons.this is a conspiracy by all the NWs cartel.who are supporting israel Atomic weapons,many states who are not doing for my Freedom and playing games with israel ,or more correct all the world does not know how to deal with israel atomic to force israel to end their nuclear weapons,.But Vanunu Will not gave up.I will continue to wait for my totally release, Freedom.!

July 31 2017:after 31 years in this Israel democracy or Democrazy,israel Prison. Israel Jews come back after 2000 years to give us,don't speak to foreigners, not allowed to leave this state,don't speak about their atomic weapons.Atomic weapons in israel,the secrets that is not secrets any more.So until my Freedom come they can find me near the sea.swimming.Freedom must come.


July/10/17.Vanunu was sentenced to 120 hoursí community service for talking to foreigners,and suspended sentence of two months for 3years.after 31 years ,this great story ,they want to reduce it to community service working in elderly jewish people Laundry.Free Vanunu Mordechai!! What is Israel afraid of??

May 11 So ,they decided to continue with the restriction not to allowed me to leave this jewish state ,after 31 years, since 1986, they want more.So here is my message, my believe, I said it in 2008.and this is the secret evidence against this jewish state,every one can say it to the Israelites .


Israel Offered to Sell Nuclear Weapons to South Africa

17. April 2017

The next news,soon we will hear what they decided, to continue all the restrictions, continue without end,or ending them,so soon we will hear what they decided,Freedom or more years in Israel prison , and I am ready to leave, ready to fly to freedom from Israel, 1986-2017,Freedom Must Come.


But--- World's nuclear powers boycott UN talks on weapons ban. U.S., Britain, France lead boycott of UN nuclear weapons ban treaty talks opening on March 27. More than 100 countries on Monday launched the United Nations' first round of talks on an outright nuclear weapons ban. It would be considered a diplomatic milestone and among the greatest strides towards disarmament, if there weren't some notable absentees - namely the world's nuclear powers. Last October, Britain, France, Israel, Russia and the US all voted against the UN's proposal to create a legally binding treaty banning nuclear weapons. The remaining nuclear powers - China, India and Pakistan - all abstained and also intend to boycott the talks. More than 30 other countries have announced plans to skip the negotiations, including Japan, the only country to have suffered a nuclear attack, in 1945.

22. March 2017

The court case for meeting foreigners ended today with the judge decided to give me to do some community this trial comedy ended.
I have never heard or knew about any state in all over the world ,even in the most dictatorships in the communists or islame states ,that they gave such order,"you are not allowed to speak to foreigners,".
And they renew this order every year for the last 12 years, this is what the jewish israel democracy introducing to democracy system ,now we will see if they will continue and renew it again or end it , and end all this case 1986-2017. Freedom must come.

20. March 2017

mar 20 So Freedom did not come today ,but may be with the end of this case in court ,the freedom will come soon, Today in israel court ,about meeting foreigners ,the judge was going to give me some penalty for meeting foreigners, ( all this case is a big comedy ,and a very shameful to this jewish democracy.), the prosecutor want a short time prison, or a community service ,my lawyer want just a small fine as a penalty, the judge make it clear no prison term ,but he will decide next week.So the long way to Freedom continue very slowly.


16. March 2017
Not Free yet, continue to wait, without any news when this long time prison going to end,1986-2017,I am here ready to leave this israel prison any time,the latest news.
1.March 20 ,11:30 will be in court.
2.The supreme court delay its decision about all this case since Jan' 30.


mar 16

17. January 2017 jan 30 2017 Nothing Change,today the court heard my appeal, asking the the 3 judges to intervene to,allow me to leave this country,the israel gov' by its lawyer repeat the same accusations,that I am a security risk for them because of all the nuclear secrets from 35 years ago, THESE ACCUSATIONS WAS HEARD AS SECRETS EVIDENCES BEHIND DOORS ,WITHOUT ME OR MY LAWYERS,. so the court will make its decision in the next weeks,nothing change,continue to wait for freedom Now!1986-2917

jan 26 2017 Well, interesting what the israel gov' will say in the supreme court next Monday , Jan' 30. 9:00, after 30 years of imprisonment and restrictions ,about such case of nuclear secrets that had gone, revealed, 30 years ago,What else they can do, what else they want? For the israel Jewish state I am a traitor ,a christian ,an enemy of the state why they continue to stop me from leaving ,they can just finish this case and let me go,I am ready to leave we will see ,every thing is possible.

jan 23 2017 it is not about chemical weapons,it is about Atomic weapons.

18. January 2017

in the court today ,the verdict by the israel court. the judge find me guilty of not following the order not to meet foreigners yes guilty. but not guilty by speaking again about israel Nuclear weapons,isreael nuclear secrets, and not guilty by not reporting my correct address.for this he will not send me back to prison. the sentence will be in march.
So time come for israel to end this case and send me free,so the freedom yet must come this year 2017.

17. January 2017

Latest update with my new trial,on Jan' 18,2017.I will be in israel court,peace court,in the Russians compound, jerusalem, at 9:30 .This Wednesday, the judge will give us his verdict of the new you know after 30 years ,they come up with new charges , "Big crimes",for meeting foreigners,speaking about isrlael Nuclear Weapons,and for moving from second floor to the third floor without reporting my we will see how this judge,going to deal with such trial, or a comedy trial.

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