Hiroshima – 50 Years

by Mordechai Vanunu

Hiroshima Hiroshima
My beloved Hiroshima,
Your sons, daughters, elders, wives,
Blew, radiated with an Atomic Bomb
A radioactive cloud consumed rubbed out Hiroshima,

For a live nuclear test sentenced you,
a nuclear laboratory of children, women, trees, animals,
in and under nuclear mushroom live burning,
burned flattened to ground radioactive ash- Hiroshima

Hiroshima Hiroshima
Nuclear weapons gamblers win against you,
a U.S. revenge for Pearl Harbour, Hiro-shima
Japan heroism is the target,
wipe out, ruined Hiro - Hero- shima - Truman.

Hiroshima Hero- shima
Japan and U.S. betrayed you Hero Hiroshima,
silence forget Hiroshima Atomic tragedy,
Japan sacrifices your holocaust on the Yen altar,
Hollywood doesn't know you - you are not a Jewish Holocaust

Hiroshima Hiroshima
Anti-nuclear weapons campaigners adopting you,
Orphans. Heritage of Hiroshima our heroes,
carry preach the memory, message, of Hiroshima,
to the future ages to end nuclear gamblers.
Beginning and end of nuclear weapons. Hiroshima. Hero.
Hiroshima. Hero. Hero. Hero.

-Vanunu Mordechai from Ashkelon Prison 1995

Presented at the exhibition Hiroshima Sans Amour