"Dimona should be open to international inspections, should be shut down because it is past its age, beyond 25-30 years, it is now 40 years working. If the U.S. is looking for nuclear weapons in the Middle East, or a nuclear factory, it is here in Israel." -vmjc

"The plant's [Dimona] infrastructure is worn out, and this risks sparking incidents. It's a matter of the concrete shell which cannot be changed and the reactor's cooling pipes, which are worn out due to neutron bombardment." -Dr. Uzi Even, Feb 2000


Mar 28 2005: from Haaretz:
Arbitrator: Reactor Workers Cannot Blame Cancer on Radiation

3 Jan 05: from Reuters:
'Atom School' Stars in First Israeli Reactor Video

6 Dec 04: from Fredrik Heffermehl and Mordechai Vanunu:
Please see these three interesting websites concerning Dimona:

Sep 24 04: from Haaretz:
Israel Agrees to Inspections of Atomic Monitoring Stations (but not Dimona)

Aug 29 04: from Haaretz:
Jordan to Check for Possible Radiation from Dimona

Jul 25 04: from Haaretz:
Vanunu tells Al Hayat: Dimona reactor endangers millions

Jul 22 04: from the Associated Press:
Israeli Government to Distribute Radiation Sickness Pills

15 March 2004: from Ma'ariv:
Bill to Shut Down Dimona Nuclear Reactor Tabled

Jan 23 2002: from Rayna Moss:
Workers' Strike at Dimona Reactor

Jan 18 2002: from Rayna Moss:
Dimona Death Factory Exposed

May 18 2001: from Reuters:
Cancer victims protest at Israel's nuclear plant

August 18 2000: from the AP:
Israeli Paper Prints Photos of Nuclear Reactor

August 16 2000:
Israel TV Shows Nuke Reactor Photos

May 26 2000: Dr. Daniel Rohrlich:
Closing Dimona Wouldn't Stop Israeli Nukes

May 26 2000: from the Israeli Committee for Mordechai Vanunu:
Biggest Ever Anti-Nuke Protest at Dimona

Feb 6 2000: From the Israeli Committee for Mordechai Vanunu
and for a Middle East Free of Atomic, Chemical and Biological Weapons:

Israeli Scientist Warns of Dimona Danger

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